Suddenly, It's 1980

It's the Internet, stupid!

Today I bought tickets to a concert on Ticketbastard, er, TicketMaster. In addition to a really complex site, the fees were almost 30% of the ticket price. And the brass plated, uh, nerve of these people to call the fees by names like “convenience charge”, “order processing fee”, “delivery fee”, for chrissake, it’s the INTERNET! So, I ended up paying $96.66 for $69.00 worth of tickets. Thank you, TicketMaster, thank you Verizon Theater for your inability to manage your own ticket process. The “convenience” was overwhelming. I really like feeling screwed when I choose my entertainment venues. I have to be really painted into a corner before I’ll use TicketMaster for anything. I was and I did, but I’ll generally make choices based on my ability to gain admittance without using them. You don’t mind a couple of bucks, but the charges here are beyond outrageous. The concept behind Internet transactions is quick and cheap. The advent of secure transactions was supposed to make purchasing goods and services quicker and easier. The TicketMaster process does neither. It’s things like this that give the Internet and the idea of conducting business over it, a bad name.

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