Subway Confessions about Microsoft Band 3 and Surface Phone

Subway Confessions about Microsoft Band 3 and Surface Phone

Just a quick heads-up here – and really nothing more than that. I’m not quite ready to go on an in-depth discussion about hard dates or the specs of what exactly might be on the way, but take this as offered.

The story goes that just seeing the train passenger wearing a Microsoft Band 2 was enough for a Microsoft employee to want to discuss upcoming products.

So, according to the source who spent part of the train trip chatting it up with the Blue Badge, the Microsoft Band 3 will be announced shortly and an actual Surface Phone will be delivered in 2017.

One thing to keep in mind is that this conversation did not take place in Redmond, but another major city in the US (not New York - hint is in the image). The other thing to remember is that many Microsoft employees not directly connected with specific groups, sometimes get their only news from sites like ours. Its possible this particular employee was just spouting what he/she had read somewhere.

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