Study: IE Dominates the Web

According to Web analysis firm, Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) is, by far, the dominant Web browser, with more than 95 percent of the market. But perhaps more astonishingly, says that the recently introduced IE 6.0 is the Web's most-often-used browser; almost 45 percent of all Web surfers use this version.

"Microsoft dominates the browser market with a total global usage share of 96.6 percent on the Web," said cofounder Niels Brinkman. Netscape, which owns only 2.8 percent of the market, and Opera, which owns 0.5 percent, round out the total global browser-usage-share list. says that, by usage share, the top seven browsers are:
   1. Microsoft IE 6.0 (44.7 percent)
   2. Microsoft IE 5.5 (25.6 percent)
   3. Microsoft 5.0 (25.0 percent)
   4. Netscape Navigator 4.0 (1.6 percent)
   5. Microsoft IE 4.0 (1.3 percent)
   6. Netscape Navigator 3.0 (0.5 percent)
   7. Opera 6.0 (0.4 percent)

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