Student Jailbreaks Microsoft Band 1

Student Jailbreaks Microsoft Band 1

I’ll probably forgo trying it myself, but given enough idle time, here’s proof that anything can be hacked.

A student in NYU OSIRIS security lab, who is only known for now as b0n0n was given a Microsoft Band (version 1) for a school project that involved figuring out how the Band client software communicated. But, just like the plot for a teen action movie, the assignment turned out to be too easy so b0n0n turned to hacking. What ensued was a full understanding of how to manipulate the Band 1 data.

b0n0n has devised and provided a recipe for modifying any of the code and data in Band 1 update to whatever you want.

Full details here: Jailbreaking the Microsoft fitness band

b0n0n has only tested this against the Band 1, but says it should work the same with Band 2.

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