SQL Server Magazine Ch-Ch-Changes

Turn and face the gain

I hate to one-up my boss Karen Forster, but her October editorial, "A Fresh Approach to SQL Server" (InstantDoc ID 96976), about the changes in SQL Server Magazine fails to mention some important elements in the new design. I guess she thinks it's my job to tell you about them. Oh wait … she's probably right. Don't miss these great improvements:

SQLMAG.COM Community Dialog
In the October Letters to the Editor section, Web Lead Editor Anne Grubb highlights interesting reader comments and helpful forum threads that offer solutions to your day-to-day problems and explore topics that directly affect your job. This month, find out what readers are saying about SQL Server 2008 in SQLMag.com Community: Too Soon for SQL Server 2008? Readers Say "Yes!" (InstantDoc ID 96879).

Your Savvy Assistant
Pardon me while I toot my own horn. This little corner of the magazine is completely dedicated to linking you to the resources you need. (Well, some of it is just to amuse myself.) Consider me your loyal sidekick, here to find the information you don't have time to look for. For more suggestions, resources, and clever witticisms, see the Your Savvy Assistant blog at www.windowsitpro.com/go/SavvyAssistant.

Guides to More Content
We've improved elements such as More on the Web icons, Learning Paths, and Editor's Notes to better provide you with supplementary information. Use these guides to learn more about an article or author and to access additional content on the Web.

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