SpectorSoft Offers Free Disk Monitoring Capability

SpectorSoft Offers Free Disk Monitoring Capability

Previously available only as a piece of its overall Server Manager product, SpectorSoft is now making its Disk Monitor solution free. The free solution allows monitoring of up to 20 nodes, and allows administrators to verify that disk space does not become a datacenter issue.

Here's what Disk Monitor observes and provides reports for:

  • Free disk space and utilization
  • Directory sizes
  • File sizes and file extensions
  • Temp files
  • File and folder permissions
  • Active files and files not in use

Of course, SpectorSoft expects you to love its Server Manager product, so you can only get the free Disk Monitor solution after installing a 30-day evaluation of Server Manager. Once the 30-days has expired, you simply need to enter special Disk Monitor license. The license is available free for the asking from the following page: Get Your FREE Disk Monitor for 20 nodes

More Disk Monitor Information:


Download/ Free License Request:


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