Solve Xbox One Sync Issues

Solve Xbox One Sync Issues

Q: When I try to access game data on another Xbox One, I get an error that my Xbox One is taking a long time syncing to the cloud--what can I do?

A: I had this exact problem when using two Xbox One consoles. I would play a game on one console, shut down the console, then a few hours later I would use a different Xbox One but it would give me an error that the game data was still syncing to the cloud on the other console.

The problem was the first console wasn't using Instant On, and I was turning off the console once I stopped playing the game but not actually closing the game fully and giving it time to synchronize.

This meant when I turned off the console (rather than putting it on standby, which is what happens when Instant On mode is used), it still had a lock on the game data in the cloud.

The solution is the following:

  1. After you finish playing the game, fully exit the game as described in FAQ Q: How can I close the game/application running on the Xbox One.
  2. Wait a minute.
  3. Shut down the console.

This will allow the game's save data to sync to the cloud and the lock to be released.

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