Social Fitness Service inKin Gets a Windows Phone App

Social Fitness Service inKin Gets a Windows Phone App

I’ve been participating in the inKin service since it first opened in January 2016. inKin is a social fitness experience that provides leaderboards, duels, and challenges, allowing members to improve their fitness levels through community participation. Microsoft has since added leaderboards and challenges to its Microsoft Health ecosystem for the Microsoft Band, but Microsoft’s effort is more half-baked compared to what inKin provides. Plus, inKin has supported the Microsoft Band since the beginning. inKin has had several months to percolate into a pretty significant offering.

Just last month, inKin announced it was finally offering mobile apps. At that time, the company was only ready to deliver for Android and iOS. Now, inKin has officially launched an app specifically for Windows Phone.

Here’s the features:

  • Live feed
  • Goals
  • Challenges and competitions
  • Duels
  • Personal dashboard
  • Leaderboard
  • Social participation

Unfortunately for now, the app is not a UWP version, so it’s currently only available for smartphones.

Get it in the Windows Phone store:  inKin

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