So you want to pwn your kids in Minecraft ...

So you want to pwn your kids in Minecraft ...

Q. What are some useful Minecraft commands for parents trying to impress their kids? I need to know.

A. If you have setup a Minecraft server to impress your kids (I have blog on creating one in Azure at Once it is installed there are some handy things to know:

  • Open and set the white-list value to true, e.g. write-list=true. This means only people you want can connect to the server
  • Once playing the game the rest of the commands below can be used. Press Esc to get your mouse control back
  • To change your skin (what you look like) go to, sign-in and select Profile. From there you can upload a new PNG for your skin. If you search the web for minecraft skins there are plenty of sites with downloadable skins and ways to create your own.
  • To add players to be allowed to use the server within the game use
    /whitelist add
  • To make someone else an operator (admin) use
    /op <playername>
  • To chat to other players just press t then type in what you want to say
  • Monsters will quickly start coming out to kill you at night. To turn off monsters run
    /difficulty 0  (a difficulty of 1 is the default)
  • To avoid having to mine for blocks and put Minecraft in creative mode use
    /gamemode 1 (0 is the default survival mode)
  • To change the time to daytime use
    /time set 0
  • To view information about your location press F3. It shows your coordinates
  • You can then teleport to coordinates by typing
    /tp , e.g. example /tp -197 70 -216
  • To teleport to a friends location use
  • To bring up your inventory press E
  • To learn how to craft items a great site is
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