SMS Installer Fixes

The benefits of obtaining Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and upgrading to SMS Installer are plentiful. In addition to adding new features, Microsoft has resolved many existing problems. This version of SMS Installer fixes the problems outlined in the following articles.

"SMS: Access Violation Opening Script from Newer Version"

"SMS: Edit .ini File May Produce Unexpected Results"

"SMS: Remove Directory Containing Files Option in 'Delete Files' Script Item Not Functioning Properly"

"SMSINST: Cannot Remove More Than Two Sections in .ini File"

"SMSINST: Create Shortcut Command Truncates Source Path Directory Name to 8 Characters"

"SMSINST: Dialog Boxes Are Incorrectly Drawn and Colored When Compiled in 32-Bit Mode"

"SMSINST: Installer Script Calls CTL3DV2.DLL on NTW When 'Silent Install' and 'Use 3D' Are Unchecked"

"SMSINST: Long File Name File Installed with Version Checking Gets Truncated at Destination"

"SMSINST: REG_MULTI_SZ Entries Repackaged by Installer Are Not Recreated with Terminating Double Nulls"

"SMSINST: Repackage Does Not Detect Deleted Registry Keys and Values"

"SMSINST: SMS Installer Cannot Directly Call Windows API Functions"

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