SMS 2.0 Service Pack 1 Released

Microsoft has just released Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Systems Management Server (SMS) 2.0. SMS 2.0 SP1 contains no new features. Commenting on the new service pack, Mark Hassall, a group product manager for Windows NT/Windows 2000 Server at Microsoft, said, “In the last 6 months (since SMS 2.0 shipped), we have been collecting customer feedback and creating fixes to address specific customer suggestions. Also, with the broad availability of Windows 2000 Beta 3 via the channel partner program, we wanted to provide an updated version of SMS to ensure compatibility.” You can find information about this release on the Microsoft Web site at See the readme.htm file in SMS 2.0 SP1 for information about specific changes. To obtain SP1, you can download it from downloads/sms20sp1.asp, order it online from regwiz/ wiz154.asp?sku=27100701&sc=web030&cancelURL=/ smallbusinessserver/ &vsku=50PNU, or order it by phone by calling (800) 370-8758. Allow 4 to 6 weeks to receive the CD-ROM by mail. The following table identifies the Knowledge Base articles that address the known issues in SMS 2.0 SP1:

Known Issues in SMS 2.0 SP1
Knowledge Base Article Title
Q198710 SMSINST Edit.ini File May Produce Unexpected Results
Q198900 SMSINST Access Violation Opening Script from Newer Version
Q199664 SMSINST Cannot Remove More Than Two Sections in .ini File
Q213097 SMSINST Create Shortcut Command Truncates Source Path Directory Name to 8 Characters
Q214979 SMS Service Manager Does Not Connect to Secondary Site Servers
Q215018 SMS Cannot Add Local Groups in Manage User Wizard
Q215059 SMS Error "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint" When Status Manager Writes To Database
Q215123 SMS SMS_LOGON_SERVER_MANAGER Fails to Enumerate Shares
Q216744 SMS APM Detects Non-Zero Exit Code as a Failed Advertisement
Q216855 SMS Password Uniqueness Disables SMS 2.0 Server Client Install
Q218474 SMS UNC Package Source Cannot Contain Space Characters
Q219931 SMS CCIM Fails to Make a Connection to APM
Q221218 SMS Restrictive WinNT Account Policies Prevent DC Installation
Q221481 SMS WMI Fails to Install on Windows NT 4.0 SP 5
Q221947 DOC Forcing Software Inventory Incorrectly Documented in Administrator's Guide
Q221951 SMS RAS Sender Over SNA Link Error 53 During WNetAddConnection2()
Q223044 SMS Remote Control Agent Not Found
Q223138 SMS Client Service Error 1314 Fails to Start SMSAPM32
Q223755 SMS SMS Executive Crashes When Enumerating Non-Microsoft Server
Q224574 SMS Remote Control Installation Fails to Recognize LANDesk 6.x
Q225507 SMS Windows Management Service Keeps High Processor Utilization
Q225514 SMS WinNT Logon Server Manager Replicates Files When It Should Not
Q225530 SMS Resource Explorer Returns "File Not Found" Error
Q226114 SMS Advertisement Fails When Sent to Win95 & Win98 Users in More Than 10 Groups
Q226115 SMS Preferred Distribution Point Selection Requires Full Path to Package
Q226368 SMS NAL May Search Mapped Drives for Network DLLs
Q226504 SMS APM Does Not Execute the Correct Number of Advertisements
Q226877 SMS 2.0 CD Key Format Differs From SQL 6.5 CD Key Format
Q226888 SMS Component Status Times Are Listed Ahead Of Local Time in GMT Locale
Q226908 SMS Distribute Software Wizard May GPF if Collection Table Has Invalid Name for Custom Collection
Q227010 SMS Site Component Manager Fails to Install/Uninstall Component: SrvBoot.Exe
Q227021 SMS Scheduler Creates Zero Byte Instruction Files for PSUEDO MiniJobs
Q227028 SMS Logon Server Manager Fails to Update the PDC in a Large Domain with Multiple Sites
Q228276 SMS Software Inventory Processing Degrades Foreground Performance on Win95 & Win98 Clients
Q228324 SMS Delete File(s) "Remove Dir Containing Files" Option Fails
Q228532 SMS French Conv20.exe Fails to Convert SMS 1.2 Database When SQL 6.5 Is Set to Character Set 850
Q229018 SMS APM Re-executes Some Advertisements
Q229113 SMS APM32 Doesn't Display the Reboot Countdown Dialog Box
Q229950 SMS Provider Deletes Collection When Computer Name Starts With Number
Q230128 SMS SQL Monitor Reports "Cannot Connect to Site Server Registry"
Q230640 SMS Setup Sets 'Restrict filegrowth' on SQL Server 7.0 Databases
Q231209 SMS 'Update distribution points on a schedule' Option Cannot Be Cleared
Q231250 SMS Trying to Delete Collection May Fail and Cause Collection Status to Remain Busy
Q231399 SMS SMSCliToknAcct& and or SMSCliSvcAcct Accounts Locked Out on Site Systems or Domain
Q232240 SMS Specifying Long File Name for Status MIF Causes Error
Q232508 SMSINST Dialog Boxes Are Incorrectly Drawn and Colored When Compiled in 32-Bit Mode
Q233292 SMS Remote Control Applet Does Not Repair Component After LanDesk Tool is Removed
Q233395 SMS SNMP Access Violation After Installing Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4
Q234257 SMS Secondary Site Server Processor Utilization Always High
Q234850 SMS Packages Are Advertised to the Wrong Collections
Q234912 SMS Y2K Queries Use Large Amounts of Tempdb & Fail to Complete
Q234916 SMS Internal Error in Admin Console When Refreshing Pkg Status
Q235139 SMS Y2K Software Compliance Query May Display Incorrect File Names
Q235169 SMS How To Reduce SMS Accounts Required for Installation on Large NT Domains
Q235184 SMS Registry Change Turns Off Package Target Deletion During Distribution Point Update
Q235190 SMS Advertisements Created By the Distribute Software Wizard Are Immediately Locked and Cannot Be Modified
Q235724 SMSINST Working With Complex Expressions and Operators
Q235725 SMSINST Sleep Functionality Now Built Into SMS Installer
Q235726 SMS How To Specify Senior Site for WinNT Logon Point Management in a Single Domain with Multiple Sites
Q235727 SMSINST Repackage Does Not Detect Deleted Registry Keys and Values
Q235728 SMS Edit.ini File Fails If Compiled On Win95 With 'True 32 Compile Selected
Q235729 SMS Silent Unattended Setup for SMS 2.0 Service Packs
Q235730 SMS Remote Control Fails on Win95 Client with Nitro 3D STB Vision Video Card
Q235731 SMS Remote Control Cannot Connect to Child Site Client Via RAS
Q235733 SMS Cannot Retrieve IP Address of DOS or Win31 + MS Network Client 3.0 Client
Q235734 SMS URL in Y2kprod.txt Is Incorrect
Q235735 SMS Site Backup Only Occurs Once a Week and Does Not Adhere to Schedule
Q235737 SMS Group/User Data From Trusted Domain Not Available in SMS Manage Users Security Wizard
Q235738 SMS Restart Option Fails When Logged On User Doesn't Have Shutdown Privilege
Q235739 SMS Intel P3 CPU Name Incorrectly Reported
Q235740 SMS ODP Incorrectly Identifies User Name for Advertisements Targeted to Users
Q235741 SMSINST Installer Script Calls CTL3DV2.DLL on NTW When 'Silent Install' and 'Use 3D' Are Unchecked
Q235742 SMS Hardware Inventory Agent Raises Exception When Processing Class: Win32_DisplayControllerConfiguration
Q235743 SMS Predefined Queries for Product Compliance Return Incorrect Results
Q235745 SMS Setup Does Not Create "SMS Admins" Group When Installing SMS on a Backup Domain Controller
Q235746 SMS URLs Listed in Product Compliance Database Are Incorrect
Q235747 DOC Software Metering Troubleshooting Tips in Resource Guide Reference Nonexistent Check Boxes
Q235748 SMSINST Remove Directory Containing Files Option in "Delete Files" Script Item Not Functioning Properly
Q235751 SMS Distribute Software Wizard May Generate Internal Error if Site Has Large Number of Packages
Q235752 SMS Prompted Queries May Return Bad Data and Hang MMC
Q235753 SMS Specifying \\servername in Sender Address May Cause Sender Connection Failure
Q235754 SMS MMC Exception Error May Refer To Build 1239 Beta
Q235755 SMS SNMP Agent May Leak Memory When Queried
Q235760 SMS Queries Fail to Execute when Alias is Specified and Collection Limiting is Used
Q235761 SMS SMS 2.0 Parent Site Foreign Package Information Not Available to SMS 1.2 Primary Child Site
Q235762 SMS NT_Logon_Server_Manager Enumerates All Shares on Domain Controllers During Maintenance Cycle
Q235765 SMS Local Groups Cannot Write Queries Even With Full Rights
Q235766 SMS Admin Console Installation From \sms\bin\i386 Subdirectory Causes Dr Watson
Q235767 SMS Programs Can't Be Run From a Package Subdirectory with Spaces in the Name
Q235768 SMS Using /Upgrade Switch with Command Line Setup Causes Error "Setup cannot upgrade the SMS database" and Disables SMS 1.2 Site
Q235769 DOC SMS Admin Guide Talks About Inboxes on WinNT Logon Points
Q235770 SMS Win95 Client Software Causes Unexpected Login Failure Status 8890
Q235771 SMS Rchelp.Sys Can Cause CHKDSK to Run Continuously
Q235772 SMS If DHCP Server Has "Unlimited" Leases NetDisc Fails to Retrieve Client Information Within That Scope
Q235774 SMS Hierarchy is Unsynchronized After Package Deletion
Q235775 SMS Network Discovery Using SNMP May Fail to Discover Device
Q235777 SMS SMSAPM32 Performs Slow Link Detection on All Mandatory Assignments
Q235778 SMS CCM Fails to Install SMS Client on WinNT Version 3.51
Q235779 SMS SMSMAN Does Not Automatically Detect Server if Logon Discovery Is Disabled
Q235782 SMSINST REG_MULTI_SZ Entries Repackaged by Installer Are Not Recreated with Terminating Double Nulls
Q235786 SMS Failed Connection To Software Metering Server Does Not Differentiate Between Online and Offline Clients
Q235788 SMS Distribution Manager Fails to Process PKG File and Update Distribution Point
Q235792 SMSINST Long File Name File Installed With Version Checking Gets Truncated at Destination
Q235801 SMS ODPSYS Refreshes Every 60 Minutes Regardless of Specified Interval
Q235805 SMS Package Job Status Not Reported From SMS 1.2 Child Site to SMS 2.0 Parent Site
Q235811 SMS Selecting Windows NT Client Software Installation Account Does Not Provide Local Administrative Rights
Q235812 SMS DDM Fails to Process DDR with Assigned Sites Property Set to
Q235818 SMS Network Discovery May Time Out on Slow Network
Q235834 SMS Read Instance on a Collection Fails to Produce Collection List
Q235835 SMS Users With Restricted Collection Viewing Rights May See All Resources
Q235873 SMS Specifying Preferred Servers in SMS 2.0
Q236035 SMSINST SMS Installer Cannot Directly Call Windows APIs
Q236036 SMS NetDisc Fails to Discover Static IP Addresses Reserved and Assigned by DHCP
Q236061 SMS Zero Byte DDR May Cause High CPU Utilization by Discovery Data Manager
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