Smart tags

As you create a document, Word looks for certain types of content, and tags those items as smart tags.

Smart tags appear as purple dotted underlines.

  • Smart tag markers (the purple dotted underlines) do not print--they only appear on screen.

To use a smart tag:

  1. Hover over the smart tag.

    The Smart Tag Actions button appears.

    Smart Tag Actions button

  2. Click the Smart Tag Actions button.
  3. Select from the menu.

    Smart Tag Actions menu - date

The options on the smart tag menu will depend on the type of content that was tagged, and the applications and services configured and available to Word.

To configure or disable smart tags:

  1. Choose Tools → AutoCorrect Options.
  2. Click the Smart Tags tab.


  • Choose Smart Tag Options from a smart tag actions menu.

AutoCorrect Smart Tags

In this dialog box:

  • Disable the use of smart tags by deselecting Label text with smart tags.
  • Select which types of content are and are not tagged.
  • Install new smart tags.
  • Recheck a document and re-tag content.
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