Sift Through Microsoft Band Data Reports On Your Mac

Sift Through Microsoft Band Data Reports On Your Mac

A new app called Health Ark for Microsoft Band has shown up in the Mac App store and looks to be a fantastic add-on for those Microsoft Band owners using a Mac.

According to the author, you can:

  • View your Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health data and insights with clear and simple charts from a convenient starting point: your Mac.
  • Access historical health and fitness data anytime, anywhere, online or offline.
  • Analyze vital insights about your health in a simple digital environment without the clutter of most online websites.
  • Monitor your progress with the first desktop fitness dashboard.

Additional features are planned, including:

  • Data Export: Export your data to CSV and share, analyze and manipulate it in unique and unexpected ways.
  • Calendar Sync: Sync your activities into your calendar.
  • Quick View: View your daily goals directly from your task bar.
  • Smart Stitch: Stitch data together from unique wearable devices (e.g. Microsoft Band and Fitbit).

Download it from here: Health Ark for Microsoft Band

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