Scripting Tool - 14 Sep 2004

With more than 45 percent of readers' votes, ScriptLogic 5.5 easily captured the Best Scripting Tool award for the third straight year. According to readers' comments about ScriptLogic, ease of use is a big reason why they voted for this product. ScriptLogic provides a point-and-click management console that lets administrators deploy, configure, and manage desktops from a central location, without writing or debugging any code. ScriptLogic does all the work by combining the functionality of logon scripting, group policies, and user profile management.

Another reason why readers voted for ScriptLogic is its powerful utilities. As one reader put, it has an "awesome set of features." ScriptLogic's features include Validation Logic, which provides administrators with a high level of management granularity, and extensibility, which lets scripting-savvy administrators expand the product's capabilities through a GUI. One feature new to ScriptLogic 5.5 is its ability to take advantage of COM architecture, which enables tighter integration with Microsoft applications and easier updates and deployments for administrators.

561-886-2400 or 800-813-6415
2nd Place — Speed Script formerly XpressApps' insertXpress
Imceda Software
3rd Place — PrimalScript 3.1
SAPIEN Technologies
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