Screenshots Change in Windows Phone 8.1

Screenshots Change in Windows Phone 8.1

Capturing screenshots of your Windows Phone can be useful for many things. For me, when writing about Windows Phone features, the function gives me a quick way to make what I'm writing about more visual. As a long-time comic book aficionado, I know how important visualization can be. Words are words, but words with pictures really bring the topic to life. I'd rather see the Incredible Hulk smash something than to just read about it.

Windows Phone 8 brought the ability to create screenshots on a Windows smartphone by pressing the Start Screen and Power buttons together. When executed correctly, Windows Phone 8 will emit a camera shutter sound and the screen capture will end up in a Screenshots folder in the Photos app under Albums.

The way to create screenshots in Windows Phone 8.1 has changed. The new way is to press the Volume Up and the Power Button simultaneously.

The saved location is the same (Photos – Albums – Screenshots).

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