Running Win2K on Laptops

My company was having problems with Dell Latitude laptops running Windows 2000. Occasionally, laptop users would attempt to log on to the network, and the laptop couldn't establish a connection. The rest of the time, laptop users could connect without any problems. When users tried logging off, then rebooting, the logon script would run fine. To determine what was causing the problem, I configured users to log on without logon scripts, but the problem remained. I found the Microsoft article "Routing Does Not Work When Multiple Adapters Use Automatic Private IP Addressing Simultaneously" ( kb/articles/q244/2/68.asp), which de- scribes a similar problem that results from having more than one network adapter on a machine. In my company, laptop users in the office use a docking station and on the road they use a dial-up connection. This setup causes Win2K to recognize two adapters: one on the docking station and one on the combo card. Rather than edit the registry, I solved the problem by removing the combination modem/LAN card from the laptops. After I removed this card, laptop users connected without any problems.

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