RSA Expands Security Offerings with Tablus Acquisition

Symantec wasn't the only company to recently make moves in the "e-discovery" market this week.

RSA -- a division of EMC -- said that its acquisition of Tablus will allow it to add data discovery and classification, monitoring, and data loss prevention capabilities to its existing portfolio of solutions.

RSA plans to combine Tablus's products with its Infoscape information management solution. The products will introduce the ability to locate and protect intellectual property, sensitive personal information, and security-related content, all of which can then be managed according to specific regulations regarding retention and archiving. The new discovery features will also help companies prepare for litigation support should the need arise.

"Information security has clearly become an information management problem: today, many organizations struggle to establish exactly what data they have and where it all is -- let alone how sensitive it is," said Art Coviello, executive VP at EMC and president of RSA. "The hard reality of information security is that you cannot secure what you cannot manage, and you cannot manage what you cannot find. Once completed, this acquisition will significantly expand our ability to help organizations of all sizes truly secure their data -- and accelerate our mission to bring information-centric security to life."

Details of the acquisition were not made public, however RSA did say that it expects to finalize the deal by early in the fourth quarter.

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