RSA 2009: Finding the Best Security Swag

For regular trade show attendees, finding obscure bits of trade show swag is a popular pastime. These can range from the boring usual suspects -- think branded golf balls, notebooks, and T-shirts -- to more exotic fare. I used to frequent trade shows like E3 and CES, which were known for innovative freebies. How about green Shrek ears, small ammo cans filled with plastic army men, or a pen with built-in light that let you easily take notes in dimly-lit conference sessions?

But what about a security show like RSA? I was skeptical, given the nature of the show and the current economic climate. Leave it to NCP Network Communications -- a German provider of VPN clients and VPN management solutions -- to prove me wrong. Their tchotchke of choice to lure RSA attendees? A metal wristband covered in plastic and wrapped with 3M Scotchlite reflective material. (See photo below.)

NCP wrist reflector

One of the executives at the NCP booth explained that with all the evening parties and dinner meetings at RSA, some RSA attendees may imbibe a few too many alcoholic beverages. Rather than run the risk of having a somewhat impaired security professional stumbling into onrushing traffic on a darkened street, the reflective wrist band should help point them out to nearby drivers. How can you beat that?

Well, you might be able to. If you're attending RSA and can send me photos of the best vendor swag you can find, I'll post the best photos and encourage my fellow editors to pick the winning submission. I'll send the person who submits the winning entry a free T-shirt, baseball cap, and some other swag from Windows IT Pro. Email your photos directly to me at jjames\[@\]

Note: Windows IT Pro will be covering RSA most of this week, so check for updates on the latest security news and products by visiting the Windows IT Pro website and our and Twitter feeds.

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