Rights-Management Add-on for IE

Microsoft has released the Windows Rights Management Services (Windows RMS) add-on for Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). The add-on will let content owners restrict who can edit, forward, or copy documents, Web-based information, and email.

The Windows RMS for IE add-on works with Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (SP4), Windows XP, and Windows Me. Windows Me systems must have IE 5.5 SP2 installed and all other systems must have IE 6 SP1 installed.

You can download the Windows RMS for IE add-on from Microsoft's download Web site. People who wish to use the RM for IE add-on must first install the Windows RM Client, which is also available at Microsoft's download Web site. The RM Client requires the Active Directory Client Extension (DSClient).

For more information about Windows RMS, be sure to visit Microsoft's RMS Web site. You'll find introductory and technical overviews, links to related downloads, licensing information, and more.

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