Review: Xbox One Media Remote

When I jump into a gadget or a device, I jump all the way in. Because of this, I sometimes grab some pretty frivolous add-ons. Some work out, some don’t.

So, I was half-hearted about picking up the Xbox One Media Remote. I spent a few minutes trying to justify it and then another few minutes trying to convince myself that it wouldn’t provide any value. I already own four regular Xbox One controllers.

But, I did it anyway. Pushed it though the shopping experience and waited for it to drop on my doorstep. What I found was a very welcome addition to my Xbox One accessory stable. I'm glad I stuck with the purchase.

The Xbox One Media Remote is a remote like any other, except it works seamlessly with the Xbox One out of the box. Additionally, it works seamlessly with any TV – out of the box. Generally, whenever you obtain a new media controller, you have to look up TV and device codes and run through a process of programming the remote control for your environment. Not so, with the Xbox One Media Remote. It worked immediately.

Another awesome feature, which you might think silly, is the motion-activated backlit buttons. Just grab the controller and the buttons light up, which is a great feature for watching moves in a dark room. Additionally, there’s quick-buttons for accessing the Xbox One OneGuide and snapping apps as well as giving you full control over Blu-Ray playback.

The Xbox One Media Remote is around $25.00 from Xbox One Media Remote

There’s a 3rd party offering from Nyko. It’s cheaper ($15.00), but doesn’t seem quite as cool.

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