Review: Lumsing Mini 3000mah Portable Charger and Flashlight

Review: Lumsing Mini 3000mah Portable Charger and Flashlight

There's so many portable charging devices on the market, it's tough to keep up, let alone choose the best device for your situation. I've reviewed Lumsing devices before. The quality is exceptional if you can overlook some English mangling in the documentation.


First impressions are important. The Lumsing Mini packaging is remarkable, which surprised me. The box is a thick, solid cardboard, so if you decide to grab this for a gift, it's easy to wrap and sure to impress the intended recipient. I almost felt bad throwing the box away.

But, really, it's what is in the package that is the most important. The box contains the Lumsing mini, a single USB cable (for both charging devices and charging itself), a Power User program guide (basically an advertisement for Lumsing), and the User Manual.

If you've had experience with mini portable chargers before, you'll enjoy this one. It's not cheaply made. The Lumsing mini, about the same size as a lipstick case or roll of quarters, is solid. The design and construction makes it feel substantial, despite its mini size. You could drop the Lumsing mini (accidentally, of course) and feel comfortable that it's going to continue working, and that's a good thing considering portable power sources are intended to be used on the go, rushing around from place to place.

The Lumsing Mini design is simple and that's also a good thing. One end of the device offers both the 5v in and 5v out ports. The "out" port, of course, is for attaching the smartphone, tablet, or other device that is in need of power, while the "in" port is for charging the Lumsing Mini while attached to a USB port or USB wall charger. The unit does not come with its own wall charger, but most devices like this do not anyway. Most manufacturers these days assume everyone has an open USB port or access to a stack of wall chargers, so they won't include it. And, of course, this policy also helps drive down the price of the actual device.

There are many mini chargers available like the Lumsing Mini, too many almost. You can find them lining the walls of every store in every airport and you've probably been tempted many times to pick up a few as travel presents. So, there has to be something that makes the Lumsing version stand above the rest.

First off, this is a 3000mah unit, meaning it will supply an additional 9 hours of talk time for your smartphone. That's significant. Other units only tout around 5 hours. The Lumsing does it without adding additional size.

The second thing, that makes the Lumsing Mini different, is that if you double-tap the power button, an embedded LED lights up, giving you a short-range flashlight, which can be extremely useful in situations where you need to find you’re the correct entry key, or locate something on the floor in a dark room. In fact, it’s the flashlight feature that caused the Lumsing Mini to disappear from my office and somehow end up in my daughter's purse. I have other portable chargers that I travel with, so I'm OK with it, but I did experience a moment of remorse.

All-in-all, the Lumsing Mini is a good device. The size is exceptional, it's rugged, and it provides that extra bit – the built-in flashlight.

You can find it on Amazon for around $14.00 US here: Lumsing Mini 3000mah Ultra-compact Portable Charger External Battery Backup Charger


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