Removing OPEN/stor 2.0

Although OPEN/stor makes managing your aging data easy, removing version 2.0 is complicated. Eastman Software recommends that you use the following procedure to remove OPEN/stor 2.0.

If you have migrated data to secondary storage devices, including migrate volumes, go to the HSM Properties screen, Devices tab, and discard the data on the media in each device, including each migrate volume. Note: You will lose all data residing on the secondary storage device when you discard the data.

On the HSM Properties screen, click the Utilities tab and discard orphan placeholders, checking the Build List box. Go to the Services applet in the Windows NT Control Panel, and stop all OPEN/stor services. You then need to delete the following directory structures:

  • Install volume­HSM directory
  • Administrator Interface volume­Openstor directory (default = C:\Openstor)
  • Mirror volume­Mirror\HSM\

Next, run one of the Registry editors, such as Regedt32. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE\Software, and delete the Wang Software Storage Management group. While still in the Registry editor, go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services key. Delete Avfilter, Avliks, Avrecall, and Avserver (you need to do this step on the managed systems as well). Delete OPENstor from the server, and close and exit the Registry editor.

Next, delete all avstor.* files on all volumes that HSM has touched, including the migrate volumes, mirror volume, and the managed volumes. Finally, delete media.obj from all migrated volumes, and restart your NT server.

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