Remote Desktop Client Beta for Mac Gets Multi-Monitor Support

Remote Desktop Client Beta for Mac Gets Multi-Monitor Support

Microsoft is steadily improving its Remote Desktop application, bringing new features to all supported platforms. A recent update to the beta app has provided some significant new capabilities as requested by Mac users.

Here’s what’s been added:

  • Multiple monitor support.
  • Copy and paste files in and out of a remote session.
  • The keyboard flow has been altered to match the Remote Desktop client store app instead of using its own implementation.
  • Direct connectivity to desktops as well as connectivity through a Remote Desktop Gateway.
  • A new user interface together with a redesigned user accounts experience that includes unified management.
  • High quality video and audio streaming.
  • Import of .rdp files into the app and export of connections as .rdp files.
  • New features like the ability to group desktops and to copy and paste images and files.

There are actually two versions of the Microsoft Desktop for Mac right now. One is the official release and is available through iTunes here: Microsoft Remote Desktop app for Mac. This is the one that should be used in a live environment.

The other is a beta app and is available from HockeyApp here: Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta app. Microsoft uses this beta version to deliver enhancements to test prior to updating the official app.

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