Remote Control Product - 09 Sep 2003

Symantec pcAnywhere's remote control, remote-management, and file-transfer capabilities enhance Help desk efficiency, reduce call times, and free IT personnel to work on strategic business initiatives. An easy-to-use GUI provides consistent navigation between the remote control, remote-management, and file-transfer applications. New remote-management tools—remote versions of common tools, such as regedit—quickly solve specific problems without the need for a full remote control session.

With comprehensive security features, including support for 13 authentication types, mandatory passwords, integrity checking, and public key infrastructure (PKI) and symmetric encryption, companies can deploy Symantec pcAnywhere in any environment. The Symantec Packager lets administrators create customized installation sets in which they can choose the components to install, define policies, add host and remote objects, and set security options. After the administrators finish, they can deploy their installation (and other applications) to users simultaneously across the network.

Cupertino, California
408-517-8000 or 800-441-7234
$799.95 for a 5-user pack; $1559.95 for a 10-user pack
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