Rem: Setting SNMP Provider Qualifiers


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When you use Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) to manage SNMP devices, how does WMI know to which device to connect?

The SNMP provider qualifiers define how the WMI SNMP provider accesses an SNMP agent. You can set the qualifiers two ways:

  • You can add or modify qualifiers in the namespace you're using (presumably root\snmp\localhost). The qualifiers you need to set include AgentAddress, whose value is the IP address or hostname of the device to which you want to talk. If the device has a community name other than public, you also need to set the AgentReadCommunityName or AgentWriteCommunityName qualifier, whose values are strings.

  • You can supply a context object. Listing 1, page 12, demonstrates how to use a context object to set the qualifier for a device with the IP address and a case-sensitive read community name of "WmiSnmp".

To learn more about the qualifiers and their values, search for SNMP provider qualifiers on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Web site (http:// or in the WMI software development kit (SDK).

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