RealNetworks Applauds EU's Microsoft Verdict

RealNetworks, which recently launched its updated RealPlayer 10 software, applauded the European Union's (EU's) recent verdict against Microsoft, describing it as a boon to RealNetworks' $1 billion antitrust suit against the software giant. "The \[EU\] did the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons," RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser said while he was in London promoting RealPlayer 10. "My lawyers tell me \[that the decision will help our case\]. It's a positive development—the first time any jurisdiction has ruled on media players." As part of Microsoft's European antitrust woes, the company might soon be forced to ship a version of Windows without Windows Media Player (WMP), which could provide an opening in the media-player market for companies such as RealNetworks. Or these companies could just make better media-player software—whichever makes more sense

TAGS: Windows 8
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