Real Deal Promotes "Freedom"

RealNetworks has released a new version of its RealPlayer 10 media player, which the company is calling RealPlayer with Harmony Technology. The new Harmony Technology lets you play songs from its online music store on the Apple Computer iPod and various devices that support Microsoft's Windows Media Audio (WMA) technology, such as the Dell Digital Jukebox (DJ). Previously, iPod users were limited to downloading legal music from only Apple's iTunes Music Store. Much to Apple's displeasure, RealNetworks was successfully able to reverse-engineer its software to encode protected music that can be transferred to the iPod. The company is launching a "Freedom of Choice" campaign as part of the release of the new media player. For a limited time as part of the promotion, the RealPlayer Music Store will slash the price of song downloads to 49 cents—50 cents less than iTunes. The promotion also includes albums for $4.99 and up—half the price of the same albums on iTunes. We're all for choice and cheaper prices, so we're happy to see RealNetworks be so aggressive in marketing their offering

TAGS: Windows 8
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