Reader Challenge December 2009

Can you solve this mapping mystery?

The December 2009 Challenge
I received three separate messages last month with the same question: "What would cause a computer to be unable to map a drive for a shared folder on another computer?" All three correspondents said that the folder on the remote computer was shared and permissions were set appropriately. All three correspondents said when they set the path \\servername\foldername Windows responded with an error that the network path couldn't be found. What did I suggest as a solution?

The path \\servername\foldername doesn't work unless the sharename is exactly the same as the folder name. The correct path statement is \\servername\sharename.

December 2009 Reader Challenge Winner
Congratulations to Chris MacDonald of Illinois, the winner of our December 2009 Reader Challenge. He requested a copy of Running QuickBooks in Nonprofits from CPA911 Publishing (a book I wrote) for his volunteer work with a local community organization.

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