Quota Management Software - 09 Sep 2003

VERITAS Software's VERITAS StorageCentral, formerly Precise/StorageCentral SRM, takes the Readers' Choice award for Best Quota Management Software. In July 2003, VERITAS completed its acquisition of Precise Software Solutions. As part of the acquisition, VERITAS obtained the leading Storage Resource Management (SRM) technology in the Windows environment, StorageCentral. One reader told us, "Been using it for years now, and it works."

With VERITAS StorageCentral, you can control disk allocation by enforcing real-time passive or active allocation limits, identifying and recovering wasted disk space, running Web-based storage reports, and blocking inappropriate file types, such as games, scripts, viruses, and MP3s. You can also let end users manage their allocations.

VERITAS StorageCentral offers policy-based management for Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Network Attached Storage (NAS), and System Area Network (SAN) disk storage installations. Network Appliance filers are available for clustered and nonclustered configurations.

VERITAS Software
Mountain View, California
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