Quickly Find a Windows Service's Short Name

Q: How can I quickly find the short name of a service by viewing the display name?

A: The following PowerShell code dumps out all the services ordered by the display name, making it easy to find the corresponding short name (which is its true name).

PS C:\> Get-Service | Sort-Object -Property DisplayName | Format-Table DisplayName, Name -AutoSize 

DisplayName                                                            Name                                            
-----------                                                            ----                                            
ActiveX Installer (AxInstSV)                                           AxInstSV                                        
Adobe Acrobat Update Service                                           AdobeARMservice                                 
Adobe Flash Player Update Service                                      AdobeFlashPlayerUpdateSvc                       
Adobe SwitchBoard                                                      SwitchBoard                                     
App Readiness                                                          AppReadiness                                    
Apple Mobile Device                                                    Apple Mobile Device                             
Application Experience                                                 AeLookupSvc                                     
Application Identity                                                   AppIDSvc                                        
Application Information                                                Appinfo                                         
Application Layer Gateway Service                                      ALG                                      

Alternatively, you can open a service in services.msc to display the service's short name.

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