Quicker Access to Your Network Settings

In the March issue of IIS Administrator, Marnie Hutcheson wrote the Reader to Reader column. In that column, she showed you a quick way to access your server machine's Control Panel Network applet. Here's an excerpt from that article:

"I recently had to perform an emergency move of a large Web site from one machine to another. The machine's application server was failing because of a new server-side application that the client had installed, which turned out to have compatibility problems with the machine. . . . The one failing application server was killing performance to about 200 other Web sites on the server machine, and shutting down that application server didn't make things any better.

Are you looking for a script to automatically check URLs in your Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access database? In the June Win32 Scripting Journal, Ken Spencer gives you such a script and explains how you can modify it in his article, "Creating a URL Checker for Databases." This article is public on the Web at http://www.win32scripting.com.
"I successfully recreated the site on the new server machine and reinstalled the necessary application. . . . I installed the site IP addresses on the new machine and just had to remove the site IP addresses from the old machine, then restart both machines. When I clicked the old machine's My Computer icon to bring up Control Panel, it took about 60 seconds to open. Long story short, with the machine bogged down as it was, it took about 3 minutes to call up the Network Settings window. This delay more than doubled the length of the outage on the machine. . . .

"I discovered then that the fastest way to access your server machine's Network applet is to right-click Network Neighborhood, then select Properties. The Network applet is immediately open on your desktop. . . ."

Shortly after this article appeared, reader Brock Bruner sent IIS Administrator an email message saying that he had discovered an even faster way to access your server's Network applet. If a machine is busy, it might take 10 to 30 seconds for a right-click menu to appear. You can access the Network applet directly if you hold down ALT and double-click Network Neighborhood.

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