Q. What roles, role services, and features do I need enabled on Windows Server 2008 to install System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (SCCM)?

A. Below is a list of the what you need to enable on Windows Server 2008 for SCCM 2007 to pass the pre-requisites check and work.

  • Web Server (IIS). This will add Windows Process Activation Service automatically.
    • Under Security, add Windows Authentication and URL Authorization
    • Under Management Tools, enable IIS 6 Management Compatibility (and all its child options)
    • Under Application Development, add ASP
    • Make sure Anonymous Authentication and Windows Authentication is enabled for the default web site
    • Make sure the Allow for All Users authorization rule is set under the default web site

You also need to enable the BITS Server Extensions features, which will enable other IIS role services. You need to download and install WebDAV. Once installed, you need to enable and configure it, as I discussed in a previous FAQ. You must set your configuration as shown here.

Specifically you need to set:

  • Allow property queries with infinite depth to true
  • Allow Custom Properties to false
  • Allow anonymous property queries to true
  • Create an authoring rule for All users to give read access to all content

You should now pass SCCM 2007 prerequisite check, as shown here.

Below is a dump of all the roles and features that are enabled on my SCCM box. Note I have some extras, as I'm running a SCCM Preboot Execution Environment Boot point, so I also need WDS installed.

----- Roles -----

\[X\] File Services
    \[X\] File Server  \[FS-FileServer\]

\[X\] Web Server (IIS)  \[Web-Server\]
    \[X\] Web Server  \[Web-WebServer\]
        \[X\] Common HTTP Features  \[Web-Common-Http\]
            \[X\] Static Content  \[Web-Static-Content\]
            \[X\] Default Document  \[Web-Default-Doc\]
            \[X\] Directory Browsing  \[Web-Dir-Browsing\]
            \[X\] HTTP Errors  \[Web-Http-Errors\]
            \[X\] HTTP Redirection  \[Web-Http-Redirect\]
        \[X\] Application Development  \[Web-App-Dev\]
            \[X\] ASP.NET  \[Web-Asp-Net\]
            \[X\] .NET Extensibility  \[Web-Net-Ext\]
            \[X\] ASP  \[Web-ASP\]
            \[X\] ISAPI Extensions  \[Web-ISAPI-Ext\]
            \[X\] ISAPI Filters  \[Web-ISAPI-Filter\]
        \[X\] Health and Diagnostics  \[Web-Health\]
            \[X\] HTTP Logging  \[Web-Http-Logging\]
            \[X\] Logging Tools  \[Web-Log-Libraries\]
            \[X\] Request Monitor  \[Web-Request-Monitor\]
            \[X\] Tracing  \[Web-Http-Tracing\]
        \[X\] Security  \[Web-Security\]
            \[X\] Basic Authentication  \[Web-Basic-Auth\]
            \[X\] Windows Authentication  \[Web-Windows-Auth\]
            \[X\] URL Authorization  \[Web-Url-Auth\]
            \[X\] Request Filtering  \[Web-Filtering\]
        \[X\] Performance  \[Web-Performance\]
            \[X\] Static Content Compression  \[Web-Stat-Compression\]
    \[X\] Management Tools  \[Web-Mgmt-Tools\]
        \[X\] IIS Management Console  \[Web-Mgmt-Console\]

        \[X\] IIS 6 Management Compatibility  \[Web-Mgmt-Compat\]
            \[X\] IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility  \[Web-Metabase\]
            \[X\] IIS 6 WMI Compatibility  \[Web-WMI\]
            \[X\] IIS 6 Scripting Tools  \[Web-Lgcy-Scripting\]
            \[X\] IIS 6 Management Console  \[Web-Lgcy-Mgmt-Console\]

\[X\] Windows Deployment Services  \[WDS\]
    \[X\] Deployment Server  \[WDS-Deployment\]
    \[X\] Transport Server  \[WDS-Transport\]

----- Features -----

\[X\] .NET Framework 3.0 Features  \[NET-Framework\]
    \[X\] .NET Framework 3.0  \[NET-Framework-Core\]
    \[X\] XPS Viewer  \[NET-XPS-Viewer\]

\[X\] BITS Server Extensions  \[BITS\]

\[X\] Remote Differential Compression  \[RDC\]

    \[X\] Feature Administration Tools  \[RSAT-Feature-Tools\]
        \[X\] BITS Server Extensions Tools  \[RSAT-Bits-Server\]

\[X\] Windows Internal Database  \[Windows-Internal-DB\]

\[X\] Windows PowerShell  \[PowerShell\]

\[X\] Windows Process Activation Service  \[WAS\]
    \[X\] Process Model  \[WAS-Process-Model\]
    \[X\] .NET Environment  \[WAS-NET-Environment\]
    \[X\] Configuration APIs  \[WAS-Config-APIs\]

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