Q. What is the Microsoft Word 2007 highlighter pen keyboard shortcut?

A. I use the highlight feature a lot while writing and hate breaking from the keyboard to use the mouse to select the highlighter icon. There’s no allotted keyboard shortcut, so I created my own.

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To create a new keyboard shortcut, click the circular Office logo button at the top left of the main Word menu. Select Word Options from the bottom right of the displayed menu, then choose the Customize link in the navigation menu. In the “Customize the Quick Access Toolbar and keyboard shortcuts” menu, click Customize at the bottom of the left-side text next to the text “keyboard shortcuts.” Select the Category and the Command you want to make a keyboard shortcut, select the “Press new shortcut key” text-entry area and type the characters you want to make the shortcut. You’ll most likely have to replace an assigned shortcut. Then, press Assign and you’re done!

To make a keyboard shortcut for the highlighter, follow this path: Office Button, Word Options, Customize, Customize (keyboard shortcuts), Categories: Home Tab, Commands: HighlightColorPicker, Press new shortcut key (your shortcut), Assign.

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