Q. Two instances of the print properties dialog box open on an x64 version of Windows and you cannot print?

When running a 32-bit program on an x64 version of Windows, currently Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, opening the Print dialog and double-clicking the printer's Properties button, causes two instances of the printer properties dialog to open. If you make changes in one of the dialogs and press OK, the 32-bit program will hang for about 10 seconds.

The second dialog box may stop responding. Pressing the X on the title bar to close the printer properties dialog causes:

End Program - <program>
This Program is not responding.

When you press End Now, the Print dialog appears, and you can access the program, but you cannot print.

To workaround this behavior, close and restart the 32-bit program.

To prevent this behavior, don't open more than one instance of the printer's Properties. DO NOT double-click the Properties button.

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