Q. I've installed the Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) Management Server and Streaming Server components on my server, but the server isn't functioning. What's wrong?

A. I did exactly the same thing. If you look at the App-V Installation Wizard, the logical flow is install the Management server component, so you can manage, then install the Streaming server component, so you can stream content to clients. This is actually not correct, though. The Management Server includes streaming and the Streaming Server component is just a lightweight streaming-only component. When you install the Streaming Server component on a server running the Management Server, it removes the Management Server, rendering the server unable to provide the Desktop Configuration Service that clients use to discover information about available applications.

To resolve the problem, remove the Streaming Server from the server then perform a repair of the Management Server. You should see a service called "Application Virtualization Management Server" that's started, and your server should now be fully operational.

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