Q: How do I load an updated Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) sequenced application?

A:  It's possible to open a sequenced application created with App-V for editing, such as applying updates or just modifying the content. Once you've made changes and save, a new version will be saved, with a new version number, as shown here. Before:




Once you have the updated version of the package, copy it to your content share. You need to add this new version to your package by launching the Application Virtualization Management Console and navigating to Packages. Right-click your package and select Add Version...


Now browse to the new version of the .sft file and click Next.


The relative path will be shown. Click Next.


The updated package is now imported and available to clients once they refresh. The clients only download the changes to the sequenced application, not the entire sequenced application again.

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