Q. How can I move the default Cluster Group in Windows Server 2008?

Cluster-configuration steps and screencast included

A. Microsoft simplified Server 2008 clustering and removed certain features that it deemed nonessential for everyday cluster management, among them the Cluster Group. The Cluster Group should only have three resources in it: the cluster IP address, cluster name, and the witness resources; nothing else should ever be in this group, so it isn’t a feature that administrators typically use.

You can find the Cluster Group’s current location by using either the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Failover Cluster Management snap-in or the cluster . group command); however, you can move the Cluster Group only by using the command, not the snap-in. In the following command example, I’m moving the group to the savdalclus02 node. Note that if you have only a two-node cluster, you can just use /move without a node name; in that case, the command will simply move the cluster group to the other node in the cluster. (I use the period to show that we’re modifying the local cluster.)

C:\>cluster . group "Cluster Group" /move:savdalclus02

Moving resource group 'Cluster Group'...

Group Node Status
Cluster Group savdalclus02 Online

The screencast below takes you through using the command line to perform this and other Server 2008 cluster-configuration tasks.

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