Q. How can I create my own Automated Deployment Services (ADS) task files?

A. Creating an ADS task file is easy. In fact, on several occasions I just took one of the ADS-supplied files and removed steps from it. For example, when testing an image deployment, I originally omitted some of the variables required to set the target, which caused the third step of the sequence (which was based on da-deploy-image-domain.xml) to fail (i.e., the sysprep.exe part). I then copied the file I'd created to a new filename, opened the new file, and simply deleted the first two steps, as the figure at figure shows. Then I simply submitted the revised sequence using the process described in "Q. How can I deploy an Automated Deployment Services (ADS) image on a target server?" to partition the disk and deploy the image (because these steps worked) and started from the sysprep.exe process, which worked this time.

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