Q. How can I change the number of days that Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 retains deleted mail items?

A. By default, Exchange 2003 keeps deleted items for 7 days after they're deleted. You can change the number of days that Exchange retains deleted items by performing the following steps. (You must perform this procedure for each mail database whose keep-deleted-items value you want to change.)

  1. Start Exchange System Manager (ESM) by clicking Start, Programs, Microsoft Exchange, System Manager.
  2. Access the database you want to modify by navigating to Administrative Groups, &ltAdministrative Group name&gt, Servers, &ltServer name&gt, &ltStorage Group&gt, &ltDatabase&gt.
  3. Right-click the email database and select Properties from the context menu.
  4. Click the Limits tab. You'll see the Properties windows that the figure at Figure shows.
  5. Under "Deletion settings," change the "Keep deleted items for (days):" value to the value you want and click OK.
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