Q. Forcing DFS Replication (DFSR) Members to Replicate?

Q. How can I force my DFS Replication (DFSR) members to replicate?

A. To force a DFSR server to check with Active Directory (AD) for configuration/replication changes, use the DFSRDIAG command with the POLLAD parameter, as the following example shows: C:\Users\savadmin>dfsrdiag pollad

To force an actual replication, use the same command with the SYNCNOW parameter, plus the server to replicate with, the replication group name and a time for which to ignore the schedule (If you've defined a value for it). An example is shown below which ignores the schedule for a minute. Learn more from "Setting Up DFS-based File Replcation."

If you have replication occurring continually, then this command won't really do anything; the command is used to replicate at a time you would not normally replicate. If you have continuous replication configured then there is not a non-replication time and thus this command has no real effect. C:\Users\savadmin>dfsrdiag syncnow /partner:savdaldc01 /RGName:DataDocuments /Time:1 Operation Succeeded

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