Q. Files become corrupted on your Windows Server 2003 computer that has TCP segmentation offload enabled for an Intel PRO/10GbE network adapter?

If you use an Intel PRO/10GbE LR or an Intel PRO/10GbE SR adapter on your Windows Server 2003 computer and you have TCP segmentation offload enabled on this adapter, transferring files on your network may result in corrupted files.

This behavior occurs because the remote file I/O function in the driver does not work properly when TCP segmentation offload is enabled.

When the adapter receives a request to transfer a lot of data, TCP segmentation offload segments the data into smaller packets, but improperly stops processing before all the data is sent, corrupting the file.

To troubleshoot this problem:

1. Start / Run / ncpa.cpl / OK.

2. Right click the network connect that uses this Intel adapter and press Properties.

3. On the General tab, press Configure.

4. Select the Advanced tab.

5. Select Offload TCP Segmentation.

6. In the Value list, select Off.

7. Press OK.

If the problem is resolved, obtain a new driver by visiting http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com.

NOTE: See 10484 » Hardware and Software Third-Party Vendor Contact List.

NOTE: To enable TCP segmentation offload, repeat steps 1 - 5, select On, and press OK.

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