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PRTG Network Monitor 8 Brings New Licensing Structure

PRTG-Network-Monitor I must say, I'm liking the sound of PRTG's new licensing structure!

Paessler recently announced the release of PRTG Network Monitor 8. Primary new features include fail-over clustering, a redesigned web interface, support for Google Maps, and native Linux monitoring. But with version 8, Paessler has also simplified its licensing model to be free of add-ons. PRTG now lets you monitor your network without worrying about paying extra money for additional features; all licenses now include all monitoring features and functionalities, as well as an unlimited number of remote probes. This eliminates additional costs, as well as the complex installation or configuration of add-ons.

“In addition to dozens of technological enhancements,” says Dirk Paessler, CEO and founder, “our all-in-one licensing model is more cost-effective and makes your job easier. This gives our users a major advantage over users of other network monitoring solutions, yet we still offer the most cost-effective option amongst our direct competition.”


Here's a glimpse at PRTG 8’s key new features:

· The PRTG cluster function allows users to build a fail-safe, distributed monitoring system.

· A newly designed web interface includes a mini-HTML interface for mobile access, specifically designed for iPhone and BlackBerry, as well as Android and Windows Mobile devices

· New Google Maps support integrated in the web interface for displaying geographical maps

· Advanced "Maps" functions for creating custom network views

· Real time availability of historic data

· Integrated, native Linux monitoring functions

· Monitoring of virtual environments (VMware, HyperV, Xen, Amazon Cloud Watch)

· Reliable alarm system via email, SMS, instant messenger, pager message, HTTP request, syslog, etc.

· Inclusion of a variety of new sensors and remote probes to monitor distributed systems; even xFlow sensors for monitoring via NetFlow or sFlow are included

PRTG 8 features several new sensors so users can monitor a wider variety of devices and services. All in all, the software has more than 80 sensor types for monitoring VoIP applications, websites, email servers, databases, applications and virtual environments. In addition, version 8 includes the ability to natively monitor Linux and UNIX environments, using seven new sensor types.

Another major enhancement to version 8 is true clustering: All cluster nodes (up to four) continuously monitor the network—optionally from different perspectives and, if desired, in a globally distributed network. Each "node" has its own database which ensures a continuous backup of PRTG’s configuration and monitoring data.

PRTG 8 is available now and starts at $400. For more information, check out the product website.

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