Project Natal = Broken TVs.

You’ve seen the demo video of Project Natal. You remember all the stories of people smashing their TVs, vases, household pets when their Wii Motes “surprisingly” flew out of their hands. What do you think is going to happen when Project Natal goes mainstream?

Broken TVs. That’s what.

Shoes might not fly off Chuck Norris’ feet when he administers the pain, but you can bet that they’ll fly off your mate’s foot straight into your TV the first time he tries to emulate the Karate Kid after a few beers on a Friday night.

When I was a kid I got so hyper playing air guitar to Dire Strait’s Money For Nothing that I put a foot through my bedroom wall. My teenage state of hyperactivity is nothing compared to the energy drink fueled video game goodness that your average 11 year old considers a baseline state of being half an hour after they’ve gotten home from school and bonded with the console. Kids hyped up on caffeinated beverages playing video games with Project Natal are going to be smashing more furniture than a bunch of drunk removalists during an earth quake. At least with the controllers they were limiting their hyperactivity to some sort of angry couch potato state. Project Natal makes them mobile in the living room. This will not end well.

Of course, one advantage of Project Natal is that we are going to see some awesome You-Tube videos. In fact, given that Natal uses 3 cameras to record your every move anyway, why not include some sort of action-replay functionality where you can watch in high def as what was meant to be a set of finishing movies in ninja zombie smackdown turned into a prize winning entry on the Internet’s Funniest Home Videos.

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