PRODUCTS: Do You Kanguru?

The Kanguru Micro MP3 Pro is an MP3 and WMA Player, Digital Voice Recorder, and portable USB flash drive. Pretty handy for a device that, at just over 3", could fit in your shirt pocket. In addition to letting you store and play all your favorite digital music, the device lets you store digital photos and Word and Excel files. Just plug the mini player directly into any USB port to access your files; or, to save, drag and drop your files directly to the drive. The player has a back-lit LCD screen with ID3 tag display and a 5-mode equalizer (Rock/Pop/Jazz/Classic/Normal).The device works with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux OSs, and is driverless with most OSs. The Kanguru Micro MP3 Pro comes with 64MB of memory for $59.95, 128MB for $74.95, 256MB for $99.95, and 512MB for $199.95.

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