Product Review: Inateck Wireless Music Streaming Adapter

Product Review: Inateck Wireless Music Streaming Adapter

I recently had the opportunity to test the Inateck Wireless Music Streaming Adapter, which is a small, square device that enables you to stream your music to any stereo or stereo system that has a 3.5mm audio jack.

The device is small enough that you can easily stick it in a pocket and take it anywhere. With streaming music so easily accessible these days, I'm sure there's a few less individuals who invest in big, expensive stereo systems, but there's probably a good number of older models still adorning an entertainment center cabinet in a lot of places. But, while you don't need a massive stereo component to listen to music today, the Inateck Streaming adapter can deliver your music from any Bluetooth-enabled device to any massive or simple speaker system pretty easily.

The package comes with the streaming adapter, a short USB charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable, and a fold-out manual.

Setup is simple enough. Connect the streaming adapter to your stereo system or speaker using the supplied 3.5mm cable, press the top center button for 6 seconds to initiate the Bluetooth sonar, pair the adapter with your device, and start streaming your music. The quality of sound, of course, will depend on your speaker system.

The wireless adapter offers a couple volume buttons (up and down), but if you set it to max volume you can then control the sound level through your device instead.

Additionally, if you use your smartphone for streaming the music, the Inateck adapter also doubles as a speakerphone.

Bottom Line

If you want to stream your music to something other than a simple Bluetooth speaker, the Inateck Wireless Music Streaming Adapter is pretty nifty, allowing you to deliver your tunes to any existing stereo system.

The adapter's price is pretty reasonable. You can get it from Amazon for around $14.00:  Inateck Wireless Music Streaming Adapter

A good Bluetooth speaker can run anywhere from $50 to $250, but if you have an existing setup your fond of, you can add streaming capability for a lot less.

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