Product Review: Compulocks Universal Blade System for Surface 3 Series

Product Review: Compulocks Universal Blade System for Surface 3 Series

As more and more tablets are infused into the retail system and used as shared devices in a number of different types of businesses, device theft is very real thing. Not quite as serious as the Air Jordan shoe crimes of the past, but an untethered tablet is an appetizing target to just disappear.

There are options to keep devices from disappearing too easily. I was able to test one of those option recently. The Universal Blade Lock system from Maclocks, is a full, tethering solution that works with just about any tablet, including the new Surface 3.

Maclocks delivers non-Apple solutions under the brand Compulocks. The company got its start as a provider for Apple products, but has expanded quite a bit, providing security mechanisms for Samsung, Kindle, and Surface tablets. The company offers some unique retail solutions for Surface tablets HERE. So, despite the company name, it's not typecast as an Apple-only security provider.

I received Maclocks' latest offering for testing and review, the Universal Blade Lock. Included with my review hardware was a straight cable lock and a combination cable lock. When you order the system from the company's web site, you get to choose which cable to include, and also get to choose between a black or silver Blade Lock.

Installation of the Blade Lock is easy. It requires that you adhere it to the back of the Surface tablet. An alcohol prep pad is included to clean the area where you will slap it on.

The back of the Blade Lock has peel off paper to expose the adhesive strip - once you're ready to apply the mechanism to the Surface tablet. You can see in the following photo how the Blade Lock gets its name. Once it is installed on a Surface tablet, the "blade" is unsheathed to attach the cable lock, much like a blade in a pocket knife.

Maclocks suggests that you wait a full 12 hours after adhering the Blade Lock to the Surface tablet prior to use it. This gives adequate time for the adhesive to set properly, ensuring better security. Once set completely, the Blade Lock is able to withstand 150lbs of force.

Just like any lock system, ultimately it will not keep the device from being stolen if someone truly wants it. But it should deter most people, unless they have a habit of carrying lock cutters or have the unconstrained occasion and are willing to spend 10 minutes applying enough force.

The Universal Blade Lock starts at around $45.00. Each cable type (straight or combination lock) is an additional $25. Throw in an optional security anchor point for $9.95, and a premium armored glass screen protector for the Surface, and the entire system can be as much as $125.

Amazon sells one version that comes with the combination cable lock for $55: Maclocks Blade Universal Laptop and Tablet Bracket with Combination Cable Lock

But, you can piece together your own system on the Maclocks web site:  The Blade Surface Tablet Lock

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