Product Review: Ausdom M06 Wired/Wireless Headphones

Product Review: Ausdom M06 Wired/Wireless Headphones

Blows Beats right out of the water in sound quality, function, comfort, and construction – according to every member of my family, including myself.

Last week, my doorstep was graced with a set of headphones made by Ausdom. Ausdom is a German company that specializes in video and audio. Usually, when a gadget shows up at my door to review, it comes in packaging that's sort of noncommittal. But the Ausdom M06's packaging made me want to rip open the box and get started – even the packaging was very commercially done.

The box contained the headphones, a USB charging cable, an audio wire, and a small manual.

Upon extracting the headphones from the box, I was immediately impressed by the design and construction. If the sound and ease of Bluetooth connectivity was as good as what I had experienced so far, Ausdom may have a winner.

And, that's where things get truly interesting. My family has been outfitted with multiple versions of Beats headphones for quite some time. And, while the depth of sound they provide is clear the construction has never been good. We've replaced several headsets just because they break so easily. Additionally, you can't wear Beats headphones for more than an hour or so at a time. They become extremely uncomfortable. And, herein lies a couple differences about the M06 that I noticed right away.

The M06 headphones are built exceedingly well. You don't really have to look any further than the adjustable headband to see the difference between these and a set of Beats. Beats are thin and flimsy and just adjusting the headband to its full extent feels like it might snap accidentally.

And, the attention to comfort is amazing. The earmuffs are as comfortable as anything I've felt. You literally can't feel them attached to your head. It's more like holding a pillow to your ear than a set of headphones. In fact, my wife, who regularly attempts to take naps streaming video on her Surface Pro with her Beats attached, usually wakes due to the hour-limit on comfort. She wore the M06 headphones for a Sunday nap and dozed off for a couple hours straight. Obviously, she praised them.

The fit of the headphones is adjustable, like you'd expect with a normal headphone headband, but Ausdom does one better, providing 180 degrees adjustable ear cups in addition to the swinging earpieces. Try that with a pair of Beats.

The M06 headphones come with an audio connection cable, but the true value is the Bluetooth 3.0 capability. Discovery and connection is quick and easy and I found that the sound over Bluetooth is actually much better than with the cable. Go figure. The M06 uses Dulcet 3D Surround Sound with Detailed-wireless-sound System Technology (DWS) to produce powerful bass and crystal clear audio that really puts Beats to shame.

In addition to the fantastic sound and comfort the M06 provides audio controls on the earpieces, allowing you to do the normal things like pause, play, go forward, rewind, etc. Honestly, it will take a while to learn where each control is on which earpiece (right and left), but its handy having them there.

Additionally, like most Bluetooth-enabled devices, the M06 also supports hands-free calls when paired with a smartphone, packing a built-in microphone that powers-out wind and noise.

Bottom Line

The M06 is a set of luxurious sound-immersion devices that deliver 20 hours music playing time and more than 250 hours standby time. I've had each person in my family test them out and they have won over even the most die-hard Beats fan. They are durable and comfortable and produce some of the best sound I've experienced. My only problem now is trying to wrench them away from my wife.

Available from Amazon for $52.00: Ausdom M06 Stereo Wired/wireless Lightweight Bluetooth Over-ear Headphone

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