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Product Branding in the Wake of Vision Solutions' Double-Take Acquisition

Last week, Vision Solutions acquired Double-Take Software—a Windows backup/recovery company with which we're all very familiar. When we spoke to Vision representatives recently, we talked about how the acquisition will significantly expand Vision Solutions’ product offerings in the Windows market, and we made a special point of asking how the acquisition will affect—if at all—Double-Take's reputation in that market.

"We've known Double-Take for a long time," reassured Don Scott, Vision Solutions' CFO. "We've been a Double-Take reseller for years. We just recognized an opportunity to address complementary markets and incorporate the best of both businesses. We're now a stronger, larger, more platform-diversified company, providing a single-vendor advantage for consumers."

Nearly doubling in size, the expanding organization now includes one of the world’s largest development, services, and customer support centers for information availability software. These resources, including one of the most established global partner networks, provide unprecedented coverage for customers of all sizes and geographies.

So, how does that pan out for the customer? How are the new products branded? We obtained a revised product sheet from Vision, and in this document you can see what the new branding structure will look like, going forward:



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