Preboot Execution Environment

Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) is an industry-standard architecture that Microsoft uses in Windows 2000 (Win2K) to ensure that a client computer can receive an OS image from a Remote Installation Service (RIS) server. RIS tools must adhere to Intel's PXE specifications.

You can download Intel's PXE Product Development Kit (PDK) 3.0 (build 071) from This PDK provides useful tools and sample code for software developers to create PXE boot ROMs for products that comply with PXE Specification 2.0. The kit also includes the PXETest tool, which verifies API calls. For information about PXE Specification 2.0, download Intel's 98-page .pdf document at

Insyde Software eases mobile PXE development. Insyde's Mobile PXE Integration Kit (M-PIK) extends PXE's desktop preboot support to notebook clients. For information about this tool, go to

bootix Technology GmbH (formerly InCom Neuss) provides remote-boot support for Windows NT. For information about the company's DHCP boot PROMs and boot-management solutions, go to

You can search Microsoft's Win2K online Help for information about PXE. Go to the RIS FAQs for additional tips.

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