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PowerShell v3: The "I" in "ISE" Stands for "Improved"

First: Seemy caveats regarding PowerShell v3

PowerShell v3's Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) brings some marked improvements.

  • IntelliSense is now built into the command pane as well as the script editor pane, helping to not only complete (and discover) cmdlets, but also show you quick syntax reminders.
  • A vertical add-in sidebar starts with a list of all available commands and functions... and can be extended by anyone to include additional add-in functionality.
  • Live syntax checking brings a red squiggly underline to the exact point where you've made a typing error, forgotten to close a {, or other typo.
These seem minor, but they bring the ISE closer to being on-part with commercial script editors, who will now have to be very clear about the additional value they bring to the table. Things like syntax highlighting and IntelliSense are now the minimum feature set; commercial editors can now build on that, instead of trying to convince you of the value of those core features.

The ISE will likely see additional enhancements in coming CTP versions... fingers crossed!

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